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Instruments ventilator manual

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Tom, I have the German-English manual with the English part being 32 pages. NEO Instruments Ventilator II – Thomann UK www. Do they sound the same? The Ventilator II has the same I/O as the Mini, but with the extra jack for the remote and stereo inputs (the Minis are both mono in, stereo out). The Ventilators still remain the most accurate Leslie sims. even better in stereo w.

It simulated the sonic intricacies of a Leslie 122 with startling realism. This newly designed pedal has a smaller enclosure, stereo input, and an internal stop switch. The signal will have to be padded from the preamp and added back before going to the amp. I see two problems. Neo Ventilator User Page. Let me know if you can&39;t find it at NEO any longer.

Neo Instruments Ventilator II can be configured to respond to a number of different remote controls, including the Nord half moon switch in this bundle. These pedals are smaller (the same size as the Strymon Lex), less expensive, and have two programmable presets each. Ventilator II (EN) Manual (DE) Bedienungsanleitung. The Neo Instruments Ventilator Remote II boasts slow/ fast and run/ stop mode with switching mode configurable via Ventilator II, durable metal housing and low-noise buttons. The Ventilator II is being used on the latest tours including Dawes, James Taylor, Styx, and many other major artists.

25” the Ventilator II fits easily on the top of a keyboard rig or on a pedal board. Granted there is a different, more extensive feature set on the II but how does the II sound compared to the original (I)? Luckily for Neo Instruments, minimising things is a lot easier when you do it digitally. Among the new features in the Ventilator II are stereo input, an internal stop switch, separate slow and fast speed controls, separate Mix/Distance control for the low and high rotors, a level control, and control over speed or mix using an expression pedal.

The Neo Instruments Ventilator II is the sequel to the original and widely popular Ventilator rotary speaker emulator. Wir beglückwünschen Sie zum Kauf des Neo Instruments VENTILATOR II. VENTILATOR II offers a wide range of adjustment options for reproducing the behaviour of the original down to the last detail.

Statutory warranty rights remain unaffected. Enhance your organ, keyboard or guitar with the depth and richness of classic Rotary Speaker emulation. Even if you&39;re a gigging guitarist that abuses gear on a nightly basis, the Ventilator II pedal is built to take it. In excellent condition with original power supply and manual. Secondly, the signal path from preamp to amp is balanced while the Ventilator is unbalanced. VENTILATOR II offers a wide range of adjustment options for reproducing the behaviour of the original down to the last detail. These days, there are many to choose from, but the Ventilator II and slightly smaller Mini Vent II are widely regarded as the best of the bunch. Neo Instruments has announced the successor to the Ventilator, their highly regarded rotating speaker emulator.

The new extended parameter set allows for even more detailed fine tuning of custom rotary sounds. Si vous souhaitez tirer le meilleur parti de ce dispositif de nombreuses fonctionnalités et son plein potentiel de mise en forme, nous vous recommandons de lire ce manuel et de le garder pour plus tard en référence. A quick survey of online user opinions rates the Neo Ventilator II as the 1 best Leslie / rotary simulator pedal. Some reasons, it shares this with ALL Leslie speaker simulator pedals, so this is not really a stab at Neo instruments as such.

Yes, 5 o&39;clock on Mode is supposed to be KEYboard. Auch die Verpackung sollte aufbewahrt werden, falls ein späterer Versand des Geräts nötig wird. Warm and lush swirl worlds open up and draw you in. Neo Instruments Ventilator II Rotary Speaker Pedal Features:. Re: Neo Ventilator I connected the Ventilator to a Hammond C-3 and discovered the Hammond output signal was too hot for the sim. On breaking neo instruments ventilator 2 manual with tradition and reading the manual I discovered that this is possible, but not without using an external switch. The road-tough Ventilator II is housed in a compact, rugged aluminum chassis, and its knobs are recessed for extra protection.

Neo Instruments discontinued the original Ventilator in while introducing two new products, the Mini Vent and the Mini Vent for organ. Having used the old Ventilator for quite some time now, I got fed up with neo instruments ventilator 2 manual it in the end. Neo Instruments Ventilator II (Ventilator 2) - First Look. There’s a reason why too.

News and info about the Neo Instruments Ventilator. Neo Instruments has introduced the Ventilator II, the successor of the original Ventilator model. While the switch will work with the pedal regardless, please note that specific attachment hardware and dimensions mean that this bundle will work best with a Nord instrument made to use and. Jim Alfredson presents an overview of the new features as well as a demo of. Half-moon-type switches from both Hammond and Nord plug straight in and work perfectly, and Neo Instruments also make the Ventilator Remote, an optional footswitch that adds a variety of functions to the basic slow and.

IMPRINT & PRIVACY POLICY & PRIVACY POLICY. © neo-instruments. I like having the extra control plus the new Guitar 2 mode which is what I use. The Neo Instruments Ventilator can be used for guitar or keys with built in speaker simulation and be controlled via a remote speed/brake switch. Here&39;s my caveats with it, which hasn&39;t been brought up in other reviews, professional, and amateur alike. All rights reserved. Félicitations et merci d&39;avoir acheté Neo Instruments » VENTILATOR II.

Neo Instruments Ventilator II Rotatory Cabinet SimulatorThe Neo Instruments Ventilator 2 Pedal is a faithful replication of the model 122 Leslies rotary effect in a small, easy to use pedal. Neo launched its Ventilator pedal in, into what was then a distinctly uncrowded field of Leslie simulators. Category Music; Show more Show less. See more videos for Neo Instruments Ventilator 2 Manual.

I have my Vent II stuck between my little Rodgers by Roland organ&39;s mixed line out and my ART mixer to two powered Truth monitors. If they put some basic knobs on the Mini Vent it would have been a closer decision in my book, but with the stupid way you have to program it, forget it. Um alle Möglichkeiten des Gerätes ausschöpfen zu können, empfehlen wir Ihnen diese Anleitung vollständig zu lesen und neo instruments ventilator 2 manual zum späteren Nachschlagen aufzube-wahren. Neo Instruments Mini Ventilator II Rotary Speaker Simulator w/RemoteThe new Neo Instruments Mini Vent II combines the funcionality of its predecessors mini Vent and mini Vent for Organ. Neo Ventilator II, Vent Mini for Organ, Vent Mini for Guitar, ventilator remote Ventilator II Rotary Effects Pedal 9 The Ventilator II is an effects device that emulates and faithfully reproduces the famed Leslie Model 122 rotary speaker sound. All the knobs and tweakable parameters, plus the authentic and high quality sound, make this t. Neo Instruments extends a warranty covering all verifiable defects in material and workmanship for a period of 12 months from the date of original purchase. Neo Instruments Ventilator I vs II Anybody ever do a comparison?

Jim Alfredson presents an overview of. Link to Hammond CU-1 type half moon switch A full song recording with real pedal steel, lead guitar, bass, rhythm guitar, EZDrummer drums, and RealBand (BIAB) piano and fiddle. The rotary effect itself is generated from the signal present at the L/Mono jack, but the stereo input is used in bypass mode, or when one of the rotors is bypassed. But it also enabled users to fine-tune details like balance between treble and bass horns and virtual microphone placement. Faithful replication of the model 122 Leslie’s® rotary effect Independent emulations of bass and treble rotors.

Neo Instruments Ventilator Remote 2 Button Footswitch Remote 2-button Footswitch for Ventilator II Rotary Speaker Simulator Pedal . Neo Instruments’ last rotary simulator, the Ventilator, blew our minds. micro Vent 122 Just like its brothers Ventilator II and mini Vent II, the micro Vent 122 is modeled after the Leslie 122 rotary speaker. Mini VENT II has the same neo instruments ventilator 2 manual DSP power as its big brother VENTILATOR II. Whether on stage or in a recording studio, with the controls and footswitches, you can dial in your favorite sound in no time. In the world of Rotary Simulators the VENTILATOR II by Neo Instruments is king. 6-month Special Financing.

Neo Ventilator 2 Manual The Vent is compatible with a Hammond CU-1 type half moon switch which can be mounted on your guitar for handy remote operation. Watch part II here - v=4Usmzxp6KXE In this video, I demonstrate the Mini Vent II, the replacement for the original Mini Vent fo. The Neo Instruments Ventilator 2 Pedal is a faithful replication of the model 122 Leslie’s® rotary effect in a small, easy to use pedal.

I have the Ventilator II (had the original before). 2,056 likes · 2 talking about this. 20 % Back in Alto Bucks -or- 15 % Off select new items -or- 7 % Off used & repack items. Housed in a rugged metal chassis measuring 6”x 5. The algorithm simulates the classic micing technique with one mic for the horn and one mic for the drum rotor.

The amazing lush sound of the VENTILATOR II in a compact and easy to use pedal format.

Neo instruments ventilator 2 manual

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